Saas Fee coaching and 2 fresh new edits!

My coaching season started this year at the end of September in Saas Fee. I went with my boy Vojta Bresky  and with a "support crew" of Dan Hanka, Zuzicka Stromkova and Bernie. It is no news that I'm in love with Saas Fee and there doesn't seem to be any changes anytime soon. New rails, good  kickers, good weather, Vojta who probably just started his pipe career, friends, no injuries, all that makes a perfect trip.


Vojta testing the Saas Fee pipe

But there is one more thing that made this years Saas Fee trip even more special and that is the visit of my friend Nevik who also lives in Laax. We filmed few laps of our riding and also a few freeskiers hitting features around us. Here it is for your enjoyment - old rippers 6laps edit featuring me, nevik, Vojta Bresky, Zuzicka Stromkova, Phil Casabon, Henrik Harlaut and Jesper Tjaeder. Play loud if you like good old school hip hop!


If you thought that you just saw a positive cool vid of someone having fun in a snowpark, believe me, we haven't even started yet. Bernie made a damn steezy edit of Dan Hanka's riding that perfect park. Check it out

Right now I am riding Hintertuxer Betterpark and I will post soon some stuff from coaching with Migi Reibenschuh and also Vojta here. Until then, here is a few photos I took

New season is about to start

After a busy summer I think that it is slowly time to start updating my blog regularly. For start check out Migi's photo on main page. Migi deserves this so much because he is such a hard worker and we did not really have too many sunny days last season in LAAX. As you can see, he can throw like a pro in any weather!  

Migi on mainpage

Migi on mainpage

Migi Reibenschuh - 2013 season edit

This is always the time of a year I am really looking forward to! Showing my kids how they progressed during the year always feels good. I have been skiing with Migi for only four months, but man, check out his skills. His riding progressed massively because of his hard work and I am really proud of him. We already have summer training at my waterramp scheduled and I guess he is looking forward to that as much as I am.


Enough words, check out my young man's skiing! 



No risk NOlympics

Today I opened and I found there a very interesting article written by Bene Mayr. I think that everyone who is interested in competing in Freeskiing should read it and maybe not just once.

DNS – DID NOT START. These three letters where standing behind 42 Athlete names on the starting list of 84 Athletes in total of the FIS Slopestyle Worldcup in Sierra Nevada Spain on the 23. of March 2013. Including the Number one and two of the Worlcup list James Woods and Johan Berg. And most of the top 30 riders according to the Worldcup list. What happened?
Basically the weather conditions have been really bad. More than 50kmh wind and due to snowy and windy weather (up to 100kmh) the previous day the course was in bad shape. Nobody was feeling comfortable with the course. So we decided up on to let the Athletes vote weather to run the comp or cancel it. Clearly more that half of the riders where voting for cancelling the competition. The decision was going back and forward with the organizers weather cancelling the comp or to run it anyways. After a second riders vote where again more than half of the riders were against competing the FIS decided to run the comp anyways…

Were does this leaves us… The decision of the majority of the riders had no impact on the organizers what so ever. The conditions where dangerous and safety should be number one priority. Which shows that the safety of the riders is not a big issue for them…. The event staff said who ever wants to compete can compete it is the riders call if he wants to go…

But thats the Problem.
You have to see the bigger picture. If we look at the Top 15 on the Worldcup list. Most of them can make a living from skiing by themselves. They are not depending on the support from there National Skiing Organization. Which means they don‘t need to do Worldcups or go to the Olympics to be a professional skier. Most of them pulled out of the competition today. On the other hand there are athletes who now have the chance to become professional Skiers because of the Olympics. They have funding from there government and can so afford to be skiing all year long. But these Athletes are depending on the FIS contest… You can’t blame them for skiing in dangerous conditions but the point is you cant showcase Freeskiing at ist highest level when the conditions are dangerous. Everybody who was there could have done a easy run and by doing that risking the rest of there season, but thats not how anyone of us wants to represent Skiing. Or should be represented anyway.

And that is were the Skiers have to stick together. If you want Freeskiing to be the Sport it is today and stay the Sport it is today. We have to make the decision whats good or bad for the Sport. If we don‘t do that the Organizations gonna come up with strict rules because they don‘t want 3h discussions at the Start Gate weather to run the Comp or not… And if thats gonna happen we gonna get closer and closer to become like Mogul or Arial skiing then you think in no time. For FIS comps and Olympic anyways. And i think no one wants that!!!

Thanks to all the athletes who stood up today spoke their mind and DID NOT START. It was a way to make a point that we are still a free sport. Especially to you Woodsy and Johan.

I make my living by preparing young guns for competitions of the highes level. From that point of view one could think that I like competitions and It is true up to some point.   It is really cool to ride various parks that are (usually) very well prepared, meet friends and also new people, see new places and stuff but at the same time, I believe that competitions should be more of just a ticket to a life where you can ski as much as you want with film or photo croo and your friends. Off course with good results you will have the funds, time and best skills possible to showcase YOUR PERSONAL WAY of skiing. I always say to my kids that staying healthy is the most important thing, because if you get injured ---> you can't ski (which obviously sucks) –-> there is someone else skiing (who is gonna learn new tricks while you lie in your bed).

Make your own decisions about competing. I actually like going to comps with my kids, but if the conditions aren't there (weather, stupid course or your health), don't be stupid and just go home with a DNS on that FIS-SKI.COM web page. It is just just a biz-for-fis anyway, so don't worry about those three letters. 

Here are some elimination runs at this years Euro X-games at Tignes - enjoy (espetially the second half)

And here is Finals at WC in Spain just a few days ago

A short edit made of coaching shots with Voita

Most of my time spent coaching is on kickers. I believe that jibbing can be learnt on bad weather days or even on your backyard in summer by riding as much as possible. But when the weather is bad on the mountain, we jib all days long and that can be so much fun! This edit we filmed with Voita Bresky during a day when most (lazy ones) stayed at home :) Have fun

Who am I?

This is a blog about ski life of Lukas [Lukeen] Mikula. And in this blog post you will find out how did it happen that you are actually reading this now. 

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